Vojtěch Radakulan

Trials and Errors Within World Building

23.11.2023 / 4pm

Presentation of artistic projects related to digital art, science and architecture. About living for a week near a nuclear plant, doing all kinds of crazy things like fighting in yellow suits, borrowing uranium, and making things fly.
About Mr. Plíšek, who made his own atomic stove with pitchblende (uranium and radium ore). About Zwentendorf nuclear plant in Austria, never operated due to public pressure. About scientific tools for measuring peoples' experiences from digital spaces, listening to them and reflecting the usability.

Vojtěch Radakulan is an artist and architect devoted to examination of simulations and worldbuilding. He often expresses his thoughts by using game engines, 3D rendering software, but also by writing novels, gamebooks or simple hand drawings and physical installations. Instead of the physical architecture, he is more fond of using his architectural skills to make interactive environments, videos or computer games to deal with topics like simulation, copying, distance and its overcoming by the usage of technology. The situations which he creates are lacking a clear goal, PC games and gamebooks cannot be won and novels and gamebooks are lacking the end and the beginning. They are meant to be part of the world, with open end and unclear beginning.

He has a master degree in Sculpture from Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague and second master degree in Architecture from Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. He also spent a semester at Zurich University of the Arts studying interaction design. Currently he is a PhD candidate at faculty of Electronics at Czech Technical University in the department of Computer Graphics and interaction.

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