Tomáš Svoboda

"Like in a Movie"

25.10.2018 / 6pm

Visual artist, Tomáš Svoboda (*1974) is known primarily as “that guy who works with film”. Essentially, this is a proven characteristic, should we consider that last year he followed up on his previous work (a video series, animation, and also installations and performances wherein he looked at the diverse aspects of our co-existence with the film medium) with a standard, full-length film. However, as he emphasizes, for example, in his annotation, the idea vanishing point for this work is not film as such, but our “life”; no matter how broad and vague this term may seem. More specifically, this means that the way by which our life passes in film: how it influences our understanding of reality, of actions, or how it creates an outline for interpersonal communications. (Jiří Ptáček)

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