Tomáš Džadoň

Aspiring to Eternity

17.03.2022 / 6pm

The lecture will present 3 key projects, which, as artist puts it, aspired to exist forever. In Folk Architecture Monument (2013-2016), history as burden should be "placed“ forever on locator’s shoulder, Children’s Playground in Leopoldov (2019, Slovakia) was built with an ambition to educate children to acknowledge the plurality of the environment we live in, and the exhibition in Rudolfinum searches for the sources of our reproaches and self-questioning towards our living environment, which we slowly oppress.

Tomáš Džadoň (*1981, Poprad) works as an assistant in The Studio of Visiting Artist AVU. Graduated in 2007 in the studio of monumental creativity, led by Jiří Příhoda. Džadoň received his Art D degree in NON-Studio of Dezider Tóth at AFAD in Bratislava (2013). Lives in Prague.