Šárka Zahálková

Public space as a social matter

07.03.2024 / 4pm

Public space as a social matter
Šárka Zahálková has a long-standing interest in art as a tool of social change and art in public space. She acts as an independent artist and curator. Currently, she also works as a programme director of GAMPA – contemporary art gallery in Pardubice, which has recently relocated into the Automatic Mills – converted industrial area in Pardubice. In her talk, she will introduce her aim how to approach and work with different issues of public spaces. She will talk about public art festivals and interventions not as isolated events, but moments of wider participative gestures. 
Šárka Zahálková studied fine arts (Czech Republic), gallery management (Czech Republic, UK) and curating and commissioning of public art (Sweden). She travelled to NYC on a Fulbright-Masaryk scholarship for non-profit organisations and has taken part in several international residency projects, both for artists and curators or cultural managers. She is PhD candidate at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague.


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