Radek Sidun

Suitcase and Briefcase Typefoundry

05.11.2015 / 6pm

Type design is an integral part of Czech cultural heritage. The 1990s brought about an explosion of experimental type designs — a trend that continues to the present day, best demonstrated in the work of our speaker Radek Sidun. 

Together with Tomáš Brousil, Radek Sidun has been responsible for setting up Briefcase Type Foundry, digitizing previously unreleased typefaces and publishing the unique work of local designers, while keeping technical excellence in font design as their core value. 

Both designers are international experts in the field: Tomáš Brousil has been honoured for excellence in type design by the Type Directors Club in New York, while Radek Sidun was the recipient of a Gold Award at the prestigious European Design (ED) awards in 2013.

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