Prokop Bartoníček

Prokop Bartoníček at Prague College – Selected Works and Methods

09.03.2017 / 6pm

Prokop Bartoníček belongs to the younger generation of contemporary artists who use the latest technological innovations as a natural means of expression. Their creative arena isn't the studio, but the entire global communications network.

In contrast to many of his contemporaries, Bartoníček does not disengage from the experienced dimensions of human being; he doesn’t journey off into the artificial realm of virtual reality. His work is, instead, focused on a carefully considered (though continually experimental) juxtaposition of the captivatingly perfect expression of electronic media and the no less fascinating 'real' world of humanity and nature.

In the dialogue between these two spheres, Bartoníček is primarily concerned with revealing the processes that take place in the human mind, in nature and the universe. In doing so, he stimulates in our imagination an awareness of the laws (but also unpredictable phenomena) that determine both the tangible framework of human civilization and the incalculable motions of the cosmos.

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Image credit: Jller – Prokop Bartoníček & Benjamin Maus

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