Michal Mike Jelinek

Beyond Sketching

14.03.2019 / 6pm

Our VALS speaker Mike Jelinek is a design futurist, independent researcher and VR artist/experimenter.

Being a keen explorer of emerging technologies, scientific achievements, and even social, economic or cultural trends, Mike translates these discoveries into speculative or fictional concepts. These visual concepts serve as starting points for further development, and they get prototyped, tested and eventually manufactured. His clients list include: Nike, Pilsner Urquell, Blur, Volvo, Wacom, XCMG, Mercedes Benz, Honda, Autodesk and many others.

Mike was always reaching beyond product design and dedicated his time to researching human perception in design context as part of his postgraduate studies in the Future Design programme at Prague College, part of Teesside University, where he received the Master or Art degree (with Merit).

His work also includes projects for entertainment industries (film and games), mainly as concept design services. (Blur Studio - Tim Miller/Jim Cameron “Terminator", Orior Dynamics - “Drone Racer", Fig Production - Mazuran/Lisinac : Islander") and recently NMDS as a concept artist for live music events such as Vivaldianno.

DESIGN SAFARI @ www.horseville.net
MADVENTURE @ www.machinesofadventure.com

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