Michaela Büsse and Konstantin Mitrokhov

Storytelling for the post-Anthropocene

12.04.2018 / 6pm

Michaela Büsse and Konstantin Mitrokhov will speak about their practice and latest projects. The pair are responsible for ^studio, a 'speculative' design practice, through which they aim to draw ever new relations and question existing beliefs of means and ends, objects and subjects, space and time. 'We are driven by curiosity,' they say, 'and the urge to make sense of what it means to be in the world.' 

By exploring a media design practice that they like to refer to as xeno-design, they aim to provoke the 're-cognition of the human being'. Rather than proposing new (exclusive) models to think with, xeno-design describes the process of exercising abduction of thought, alienation of oneself and creation of new knowledge paradigms and scopes of action. 

Their recent works include a short sci-fi film, Common Task (2017), and Useless Landscape (2018, forthcoming).


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