Lenka Glisníková & Karolína Matušková


19.01.2023 / 4pm


Shotby.us is a Prague based photographic duo specialising in fashion photography working on the intersection of fine art and applied art. The artistic duo consists of artists Lenka Glisníková and Karolína Matušková. Each brings their own creative experience and aesthetics to create a complexly recognizable intersection of both different and relatively close visual approaches. Karolína Matušková has previously worked with video footage, the actors of which were specially trained animals from the film industry, which she recorded in their everyday lives without a script. She works with the image as confidential information, shifting its meanings and further transferring them to the physical world in the form of video installations through which themes related to the relationship with animals. Lenka Glisníková uses large-format printing and experiments with the material on which she transfers the image. In her installations, she questions the consequences of contemporary socio-cultural changes that are occurring as a result of the rapid growth of technological progress.


Lenka Glisníková and Karolina Matušková met while studying in the Creative photography studio of Michal Kalhous at the Faculty of Arts in Ostrava, and then completed their Master's degree at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the studio of Alexandra Vajd and Martin Kohout. Both artists draw on their experience with photography, and do not limit themselves to this medium. Their work is also characterized by photomontage, video and site-specific installations. Based on their successfully composed commercial commissions and editorials, they won the Czech Grand Design award in 2021.