Jorge Boehringer

The Sound of Everything: Data Sonification as a Sonic Arts Practice

24.11.2022 / 4pm

Everywhere we go, all the time, our ears are open.  Whether we are paying attention or not, our ears and brain are teaching us about spaces we inhabit and helping us to navigate them.  How can we make use of this type of environmental, spatial listening intentionally, for greater understanding?  What types of meaning can be conveyed, what signals could be designed using non-linguistic sonic and spatial cues?  How does listening consciously and actively help us to tune in to the dynamic processes of the world around us?  In my recent research and artistic practice, I have been concerned to open an interdisciplinary field that can ask these questions, and more importantly, to explore questions that might reside outside of language.  Come listen and discuss new artistic approaches to spatial audio, data sonification, and phenomenology, and find out what happens when we treat data as a signal and start trying to listen to everything.