Jorge Boehringer

Practice Leading Research Leading Practice (And Other Infinities in My Recent Experimental Practice of Artistic Research)

31.03.2016 / 6PM

Jorge Boehringer is a composer, artist, musician, and researcher exploring large scale landscapes, microscopic layers of process and form and how they interact with perceptual experience. Utilizing a protean platform for experimentation and presentation, Boehringer creates performances, recordings, music, installations, texts, three-dimensional objects, and visual phenomena. Inspired by, and at times modelled after observed environmental processes and structures, Boehringer’s work offers an experience of reality presented as a textural field. “Multiple systems of events, appearing and disappearing, and evolving at their own rates…”


'Using examples from my recent compositional work,' Jorge noted on his talk, 'I highlight areas of intersection between research and practice. Interactive relationships between aesthetic and research aims intersect in the experimental development of new approaches and technologies where unique applications result in unexpected experiences. New experiences produce new questions, and the cycle continues.'

Graduates of Prague College who were taught by Jorge Boehringer in the past will be familiar with his conclusion: 'Notions surrounding the role of the artist in academia and roles for academia in the life and work of an artist can be contextualized within our nature as curious human beings. We are all students, and we are also all designers, seeking creative solutions for both philosophical and everyday problems.'