Jan Pfeiffer

Video, Photography, Animation and Drawing

06.12.2018 / 6pm

Jan Pfeiffer has mastered various media, indulging in video, photography, animation, and drawing.

Pfeiffer combines an analytical melancholic perspective to historical, political and sociocultural phenomena

with a genuine fascination in mythological and religious symbolism. 

The artist, however, does not choose his material according to its 
relevance in the historiographic discourse. He is primarily interested 
in the sometimes barely perceptible mechanisms and connotations that 
co-create or surround the given historical or social moments.


On the contrary, he explores the given mechanisms and connotations as 
results of a moment of initiation which triggers a historical or social movement.


The language employed by Pfeiffer to narrate the eclectic stories of his own reflection

is abstract and often distinctively symbolic. However, it is still based on a human perspective

that the artist employs both in his individual works and in the gallery context. 

Jan Pfeiffer was born in 1984, and lives and works in Prague, Czech Republic. 



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