Jan Mocek

Life and Times

23.04.2020 / 6pm

Theatre maker and visual artist Jan Mocek will offer an insider's look at the methods of devising and development of a contemporary theatre piece. Not only will he speak about his artistic practice, but he also focus at the institutional background of the Prague’s independent scene.  


Jan Mocek is a theatre maker and visual artist based in Prague associated with the local independent scene. In his performances, he mixes elements of pop culture, politics and personal experience to speak about the times we are living in. At the same time, he offers his audience an emotionally atmospheric and strongly sensual experience. The Radiant Cities (2016), Shadow Meadow (2017), Fatherland (2018), Virtual Ritual (2019) are his latest performances, presented nationally and internationally at festivals such as Fast Forward Dresden, Use the City Košice, Submerge Digital Arts festival Bristol, or 4+4 Days in Motion Prague to name but a few. Jan Mocek is a member of IN-SITU - European Platform for Artistic Creation in Public Space.