Jan Čapek

Designing Everyday Objects

16.02.2017 / 6pm

Jan Čapek is a young Czech product designer who is currently head of the Product design department of UJEP in Usti nad Labem

Having studied jewellery, porcelain and product design at UJEP, VŠUP), Čapek served a year's internship in Sheffield, followed by a period in New York, where he was engaged in precious stone cutting with Tiffany & Co.  He subsequently worked as a designer for Electrolux in Italy.

He is perhaps best known for the design of plastic bottles for Carlsbad mineral water and half-litre glasses for Radegast and Kozel breweries, for which he has also designed advertising. Since 2011 he has been head of Industrial Design at the Faculty of Art and Design at Purkyne university in Usti nad Labem.Evolution2.png

Since 2005 his name has appeared regularly in the ranks of the best designers, and in 2013 he won Designer of the Year, awarded by the Czech Grand Design Awards.


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