Dita Malečková

Digital Philosopher

03.12.2020 / 6pm

Dita Malečková is a philosopher, new media theorist and Artificial Intelligence (AI) enthusiast. Dita presented some of her projects that utilise AI machine learning, interestingly combined with philosophical ideas that present from using a contentious technology. By utilising AI technology as an artistic tool, Dita questions how these technologies will shape our future and if they will contribute to the advancement of our evolution.

Dita offered the audience a glimpse into the exciting era of human and artificial evolution by explaining and demonstrating how she has worked with AI technologies in interesting and creative ways, linking neural networks, in project such as Digital Philosopher and Digital writer, and armed with the knowledge of working with Jan Tyl, an expert in machine learning and founder of Alpha Industries

She asserts that 'We currently witness the rise of Artificial Intelligence not only as technical cutting-edge, but also as an artistic tool or creative collaborative partner, and even as a philosophical project - is it just a trend or something that will shape our future?'