Camille Hunt

hunt kastner

14.01.2016 / 6PM

Camille Hunt's talk was a first class opportunity to learn from an expert how galleries work, why they are important, and how such spaces can advance your career.

For ten years, Camille has been co-running hunt kastner, a private Prague gallery that represents leading local artists such as Eva Koťátková and Dominik Lang. Last year, website artnet named hunt kastner one of the best galleries in Europe . In 2013 the gallery moved to Žižkov from the Letná district of Prague, which the Canadian-born gallerist has long called home. She is particularly interested in the way gallery spaces are transformed by the exhibited artworks, including experimental artworks.

In this highly informative lecture from a practising professional, we were able to hear about the distinction between private and public art collections, art fairs, and how artists, galleries, collectors and institutions such as museums and foundations work together.