Adéla Součková

Disconnection of Folk Traditions in Contemporary Culture

09.05.2024 / 4pm

Adéla Součková‘s work draws on the disconnection between folklorized traditions and the lived reality in post-enlightenment European cultures. She attempts to de-colonize the thought system gained through her upbringing and education in Central Europe. She aims to revisit the relationship to landscape, often by working with traditional materials and bringing focus to natural processes. Driven by the concern towards alternative ways of thinking, mythologies and symbols, Součková addresses the relational crisis of humans to their cultural, natural and ecological environments. She seeks to make the human agent aware of the landscape’s presence. Her theoretical background derives from feminist literature, critical theory, and reflections of philosophers of ecology.

Součková’s essential means of expression is drawing. However, the medium adapts to the theme: extended crafts, text, and performative practices are the starting point for the blend of drawings, object installations, video, and music collaborations. 

Her solo exhibitions include Kupferstisch Kabinett Dresden; label201 in Rome. She performed in National Theatre in Prague; Oktagon, HfBK Dresden; CCI Fabrika in Moscow among others. She published a three-author book. She has exhibited in group shows in the National Gallery, Prague, trafo, Budapest; TRAFO, Sczeczin; Museum of Applied Arts, Prague; Living Art Museum, Reykjavik; Bozar, Brussels, Museum of Applied Art, Prague; Kaunas Biennale 2023; Survival Kit Riga, 2023. In 2018, she was shortlisted for the Chalupecky Award. Součková undertook residencies in Art-in-General, NYC, USA, Awagami, Shikoku, Japan, Silk Museum, Tbilisi, Sesama, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, Hablar en Arte, Madrid. Recent two years she has led a studio at The Art Academy in Prague.